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Base5 Insight Lens

Best in Class Immunogenomic Reference Graph Bioinformatics

Our Insight Lens is powered by an ever growing immune reference graph of unprecedented quality, population representation, and contextualization and annotation.

  • Data generator customers can feed their groundbreaking data into Insight Lens to provide important context for analysis

  • Insight Lens extracts the most value out of already existing data -- it is a force multiplier to existing (long or short read) sequencing data.

  • Querying our Reference Graph can provide valuable insights into the ground truth characteristics for your areas of interest.

A force multiplier to your existing sequencing data in immunogenomic loci
Superior Quality
  • Small variant calling

  • Copy number variant calling

  • Structural variant calling

  • HLA typing

  • KIR typing

  • Fine-mapping

  • Variant and phase imputation


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